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Popular Basque names for girls and boys

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21 Asentzio Basque Ascending. M
22 Balere Basque Strong. F
23 Barkarna Basque Lonely. F
24 Barkarne Basque Lonely. F
25 Benat Basque Bear. M
26 Bingen Basque Conquers. M
27 Bittor Basque Conquers. M
28 Bixenta Basque Victory. F
29 Catalin Basque Form of Katherine. F

30 Danel Basque Basque form of Daniel. M
31 Danele Basque Feminine form of Danel. F
32 Deunoro Basque All saints. M
33 Dunixi Basque Basque form of Dionysus god of wine. M
34 Edorta Basque Basque form of Edward. M
35 Edrigu Basque Basque form of Richard. M
36 Edur Basque Wine. M
37 Edurne Basque Snow. F
38 Eguskina Basque Sunshine. F
39 Eguskine Basque Sunshine. F
40 Elazar Basque Help of God. M