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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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1 Ebal Biblical Ancient heaps. M
2 Ebed Biblical A servant, laborer. M
3 Ebed-melech Biblical The king's servant. M
4 Eben-ezer Biblical The stone of help. M
5 Eber Biblical One that passes, anger. M
6 Ebiasaph Biblical A father that gathers or adds M
7 Ebronah Biblical Passage over, being angry. M
8 Ecclesiastes Biblical A preacher M
9 Ed Biblical Witness M

10 Eder Biblical A flock. M
11 Edom Biblical Red, earthy, of blood. M
12 Edrei Biblical A very great mass, or cloud. M
13 Eglah Biblical Heifer, chariot, round. M
14 Eglaim Biblical Drops of the sea. M
15 Eglon Biblical Heifer, chariot, round. M
16 Egypt Biblical That troubles or oppresses, anguish. M
17 Ehud Biblical He that praises M
18 Eker Biblical Barren, feeble. M
19 Ekron Biblical Barrenness, torn away. M
20 El-beth-el Biblical The God of Bethel. M