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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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1 Laadah Biblical To assemble together, to testify, passing over. M
2 Laadan Biblical For pleasure, devouring, judgment. M
3 Laban Biblical White, shining, gentle, brittle. M
4 Labana Biblical The moon, whiteness, frankincense. M
5 Lachish Biblical 'Who walks, or exists, of himself' M
6 Lael Biblical To God, to the mighty. M
7 Lahad Biblical Praising, to confess. M
8 Lahairoi Biblical Who liveth and seeth me. M
9 Lahmam Biblical Their bread, their war. M

10 Lahmi Biblical My bread, my war. M
11 Laish Biblical A lion. M
12 Lamech Biblical Poor, made low. M
13 Laodicea Biblical Just people. M
14 Lapidoth Biblical Enlightened, lamps. M
15 Lasea Biblical Thick, wise. M
16 Lashah Biblical To call, to anoint. M
17 Lazarus Biblical Assistance of God M
18 Lebanon Biblical White; incense M
19 Lebaoth Biblical Lividness. M
20 Lebbeus Biblical A man of heart; praising; confessing M