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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Paarai Biblical Opening. M
2 Padan-aram Biblical Cultivated field or table-land. M
3 Padon Biblical His redemption; ox-yoke M
4 Pagiel Biblical Prevention; or prayer; of God M
5 Pahath-Moab Biblical Ruler of Moab M
6 Pai Biblical Howling, sighing. M
7 Palal Biblical Thinking. M
8 Palestina Biblical Which is covered, watered, or brings and causes ruin. M
9 Pallu Biblical Admirable, hidden. Marvelous. M

10 Palti Biblical Deliverance, flight. M
11 Paltiel Biblical Deliverance; or banishment; of God M
12 Pamphylia Biblical A nation made up of every tribe. M
13 Paphos Biblical Which boils, or is very hot. M
14 Parah Biblical A cow, increasing. M
15 Paran Biblical Beauty, glory, ornament. M
16 Parbar Biblical A suburb. M
17 Parmashta Biblical A yearling bull. M
18 Parmenas Biblical That abides, or is permanent. M
19 Parnach Biblical A bull striking, or struck. M
20 Parosh Biblical A flea, the fruit of a moth. M