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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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1 Gaal Biblical Contempt, abomination. F
2 Gaash Biblical Tempest, commotion. F
3 Gabbai Biblical The back. F
4 Gabbatha Biblical High, elevated. F
5 Galatia Biblical White, the color of milk F
6 Galeed Biblical The heap of witness. F
7 Galilee Biblical Wheel, revolution. F
8 Gallim Biblical Who heap up, who cover. F
9 Gammadims Biblical Dwarfs. F

10 Gath Biblical A wine-press. F
11 Gath-rimmon Biblical The high wine-press. F
12 Gaza Biblical Strong, a goat. F
13 Gazer Biblical A dividing, a sentence. F
14 Gazzam Biblical The fleece of them. F
15 Geba Biblical A hill, cup. F
16 Gebal Biblical Bound, limit. F
17 Gebim Biblical Grasshoppers, height. F
18 Geder Biblical A wall. F
19 Gederah Biblical A wall. F
20 Gederoth Biblical A wall. F