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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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1 Ibleam Biblical Ancient people, people decreasing. F
2 Ibri Biblical Passing over; being angry; being with young F
3 Iconium Biblical Coming. F
4 Idalah Biblical The hand of slander, or of cursing. F
5 Idbash Biblical Flowing with honey, the land of destruction. F
6 Ije-abarim Biblical Heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over. F
7 Ijon Biblical Look, eye, fountain. F
8 Illyricum Biblical Joy, rejoicing. F
9 Imrah Biblical A rebel, waxing bitter, changing. F

10 India Biblical Praise, law. F
11 Iphedeiah Biblical Redemption of the Lord. F
12 Irpeel Biblical The health, medicine, or exulting of God. F
13 Irshemesh Biblical A City of bondage. F
14 Ish-pan Biblical Hid, broken in two. F
15 Ishma Biblical Named, marveling, desolation. F
16 Ishmachiah Biblical Cleaving to the Lord. F
17 Ishmerai Biblical Keeper, or keeping. F
18 Ispah Biblical A jasper stone. F
19 Italy Biblical Abounding with calves or heifers. F
20 Ithmah Biblical An orphan. F