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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Kabzeel Biblical The congregation of God. F
2 Kadesh Biblical Holiness. F
3 Kanah Biblical Of reeds. F
4 Karkaa Biblical Floor, dissolving coldness. F
5 Karkor Biblical They rested. F
6 Karnaim Biblical Horns. F
7 Kartah Biblical Calling, meeting. F
8 Kedemoth Biblical Antiquity, old age. F
9 Kehelahath Biblical A whole, a congregation. F

10 Keiiah Biblical She that divides or cuts F
11 Kenites Biblical Possession, purchase, lamentation. F
12 Kenizzites Biblical Possession, purchase. F
13 Keren-happuch Biblical The horn or child of beauty. F
14 Kerioth Biblical The cities, the callings. F
15 Keros Biblical Crooked, crookedness. F
16 Keturah Biblical That makes the incense to fume. F
17 Kezia Biblical Superficies, the angle, cassia. F
18 Keziz Biblical End, extremity. F
19 Kibroth-hattaavah Biblical The graves of lust. F
20 Kibzaim Biblical Congregation. F