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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Naamah Biblical Beautiful; agreeable F
2 Naaman Biblical Beautiful; agreeable F
3 Naarah Biblical Young person. F
4 Naarai Biblical Young person. F
5 Nachon Biblical Ready, sure. F
6 Nagge Biblical Clearness, brightness, light. F
7 Nahallal Biblical Praised, bright. F
8 Nain Biblical Beauty, pleasantness. F
9 Naioth Biblical Beauties, habitations. F

10 Naomi Biblical Beautiful; agreeable F
11 Naphtali Biblical That struggles or fights. F
12 Nason Biblical Helper, entry-way. F
13 Nazareth Biblical Separated, crowned, sanctified. F
14 Nazarite Biblical One chosen or set apart. F
15 Neah Biblical Moved, moving. F
16 Neapolis Biblical The new city. F
17 Nebai Biblical Budding, speaking, prophesying. F
18 Neballat Biblical Prophecy, budding. F
19 Nebo Biblical That speaks or prophesies. F
20 Nebushasi_hahban Biblical Speech, prophecy, springing, flowing. F