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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Raamiah Biblical Thunder, or evil, from the Lord. F
2 Raca Biblical Worthless, good-for-nothing. F
3 Rachel Biblical Sheep F
4 Rahab Biblical Large; extended (name of a woman) F
5 Rakkath Biblical Empty, temple of the head. F
6 Rakkon Biblical Vain, void, mountain of enjoyment. F
7 Ramath Biblical Raised, lofty. F
8 Ramath-lehi Biblical Elevation of the jaw-bone. F
9 Ramath-mizpeh Biblical Elevation of the watch-tower. F

10 Ramatha Biblical Raised, lofty. F
11 Raphah Biblical Relaxation, physic, comfort. F
12 Raphu Biblical Relaxation, physic, comfort. F
13 Rebekah Biblical Fat, fattened, a quarrel appeased F
14 Rehoboth Biblical Spaces, places. F
15 Rehpaim Biblical Giants, physicians, relaxed. F
16 Remphan Biblical Prepared, arrayed. F
17 Rephidim Biblical Beds, places of rest. F
18 Resen Biblical A bridle or bit. F
19 Reumah Biblical Lofty, sublime. F
20 Rezeph Biblical Pavement, burning coal. F