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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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1 Zaanannim Biblical Movings, a person asleep. F
2 Zaccai Biblical Pure meat, just. F
3 Zair Biblical Little, afflicted, in tribulation. F
4 Zamzummims Biblical Projects of crimes, enormous crimes. F
5 Zanoah Biblical Forgetfulness, desertion. F
6 Zareah Biblical Leprosy, hornet. F
7 Zared Biblical Strange descent. F
8 Zarephath Biblical Ambush of the mouth. F
9 Zaretan Biblical Tribulation, perplexity. F

10 Zatthu Biblical Olive tree. F
11 Zeboiim Biblical Deer, goats. F
12 Zebudah Biblical Endowed, endowing. F
13 Zedad Biblical His side; his hunting. F
14 Zelah Biblical Rib, side, halting. F
15 Zelek Biblical The shadow or noise of him that licks or laps. F
16 Zelotes Biblical Zealous. F
17 Zelzah Biblical Noontide. F
18 Zemaraim Biblical Wool, pith. F
19 Zenan Biblical Coldness, target, weapon. F
20 Zenas Biblical Living. F