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Popular Anglo-Saxon names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Sar Anglo-Saxon Pain. M
2 Sarlic Anglo-Saxon Pain. M
3 Scand Anglo-Saxon Disgrace. M
4 Scead Anglo-Saxon Shade. M
5 Sceadu Anglo-Saxon Shade. M
6 Sceotend Anglo-Saxon Archer. M
7 Scowyrhta Anglo-Saxon Shoemaker. M
8 Scrydan Anglo-Saxon Clothes. M
9 Scur Anglo-Saxon Storm. M

10 Seamere Anglo-Saxon Tailor. M
11 Seaton Anglo-Saxon From Sai's estate. M
12 Seaver Anglo-Saxon Fierce stronghold. M
13 Selwin Anglo-Saxon Friend at court. M
14 Selwyn Anglo-Saxon Friend at court. M
15 Sener Anglo-Saxon Fierce stronghold. M
16 Sever Anglo-Saxon Fierce stronghold. M
17 Seward Anglo-Saxon Sea guardian; guards the coast. M
18 Sheldon Anglo-Saxon From the hill on the ledge. M
19 Shelley Anglo-Saxon From the ledge meadow. M
20 Shelny Anglo-Saxon From the ledge farm. M