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21 Dacian English Of the nobility. M
22 Dacian French Of the nobility. M
23 Dacian Gaelic Variant of Dacey: From the south. M
24 Dacian Latin From Dacia (in Rome). M
25 Dacio Spanish From Dacia. M
26 Dack English Reference to the French town Dax. M
27 Dacso Hungarian God judges. M
28 Dacy Gaelic Southerner. M
29 Dada African Nigerian name meaning 'curly-haired child'. M

30 Dadgayadoh NativeAmerican Seneca name meaning gambling men. M
31 Daedalus Greek Killed his nephew. M
32 Daeg Gaelic Black-haired. M
33 Daeg Irish Black-haired. M
34 Daeg Scandinavian Variant of Dag: Day. M
35 Daegal Anglo-Saxon Dweller by the dark stream. M
36 Daegal Scandinavian Dawn. M
37 Daegan Gaelic Black-haired. M
38 Daegan Irish Black-haired. M
39 Dael English Lives in the valley. M
40 Daelan English Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers. M