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21 Eadig Anglo-Saxon Blessed. M
22 Eadin Hebrew Variant of Eden: Delight. M
23 Eadlyn Anglo-Saxon Wealthy friend. M
24 Eadmund English Happy defender. An Old English name formed from a compound of ead, meaning rich or happy, and mund, meaning protection. M
25 Eadric English Wealthy ruler. M
26 Eadsele English From Edward's estate. M
27 Eadward Anglo-Saxon Guardian. M
28 Eadward English Wealthy guardian. M
29 Eadwardsone English Son of Edward. M

30 Eadweald English Wealthy ruler. M
31 Eadweard English Wealthy guardian. A compound of eud, meaning rich or happy, and weard, meaning guardian. M
32 Eadwiella English From the old spring. M
33 Eadwine English Wealthy friend. An Old English name compounded from ead, meaning rich or happy, and wine, meaning friend. M
34 Eadwyn Anglo-Saxon Valued. M
35 Eadwyn English Wealthy friend. M
36 Eagan Irish Fiery; forceful. M
37 Eagon Irish Fiery. M
38 Eairrdsidh Scottish Truly brave. M
39 Eairrsidh Scottish Variant of Eairrdsidh: Truly brave. M
40 Ealadhach Gaelic Genius. M