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21 Wadsworth English From Wade's estate. M
22 Wadu Welsh Legendary son of Seithved. M
23 Waed English Advancer. M
24 Waefreleah English From the quaking aspen tree meadow. M
25 Waer English Wary. M
26 Waerheall English From the true man's manor. M
27 Waeringawicum English Fortress. M
28 Waescburne English From the flooding brook. M
29 Wafeeq Muslim Variant of Wafiq: Successful.. M

30 Wafiq Muslim Successful.. M
31 Wafiyy Arabic Loyal. M
32 Wagner German Wagon maker. M
33 Wahanassatta NativeAmerican He who walks with his toes turned outward (Cheyenne). M
34 Wahchinksapa NativeAmerican Wise (Sioux). M
35 Wahchintonka NativeAmerican Has much Practice (Sioux). M
36 Wahdat Muslim Unity. Loneliness.. M
37 Waheed Muslim Variant of Wahid: Unique. Single. Exclusively. Unequalled.. M
38 Wahhaaj Muslim Variant of Wahhaj: Glowing. Sparkling.. M
39 Wahhaj Muslim Glowing. Sparkling.. M
40 Wahib Muslim Liberal. Donor.. M