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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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1 Dana Celtic From Denmark. Dana was the Celtic goddess of fertility. F
2 Dechtire Celtic Mythical nursemaid. F
3 Deheune Celtic Divine one. F
4 Deirdre Celtic Sorrowful. F
5 Delia Celtic Diminutive of Bedelia: A variant of Bridget, who was the mythic Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. F
6 Deoch Celtic Mythical princess of Munster. F
7 Deva Celtic Divine one. F
8 Devona Celtic Divine one. F
9 Diva Celtic Divine one. F

10 Divone Celtic Divine one. F
11 Doirean Celtic Sullen. F
12 Donella Celtic Dark - haired elfin girl. F
13 Donia Celtic Dark - skinned. F
14 Doreen Celtic Moody. F
15 Doreena Celtic Moody. F