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821 Buan Irish Goodness. F
822 Bubona Latin Goddess of cattle. F
823 Buddug Welsh Welsh form of Victoria: victory. F
824 Buena Spanish Good. F
825 Bulbul Muslim The nightingale.. F
826 Burga Teutonic From the town. F
827 Burgha Teutonic From the town. F
828 Bushra Muslim Happy news. Glad tiding. Good omen.. F
829 Buthayna Muslim Of beautiful and tender body.. F

830 Buthaynah Arabic Of a beautiful body. F
831 Buzi Biblical My contempt. F
832 Byanca Italian White; shining. A variant of the French Blanche. F
833 Byrdene English Contemporary name meaning Little bird. F
834 Bysen Anglo-Saxon Unique. F