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561 Hyacinth Greek Purple. F
562 Hyacintha Greek Feminine form of Hyacinth: From the flower by the same name. In Greek legend, the hyacinth sprouted from the blood of the youth Hyacinthus, who was accidentally killed by Apollo. F
563 Hyacinthe Greek Purple. F
564 Hyades Greek Name for the nymphs. F
565 Hyale Latin A nymph. F
566 Hydra Greek A dragon killed by Hercules. F
567 Hygeia Greek Goddess of health. F
568 Hygieia Greek Goddess of health. F
569 Hylda English Variant of Hilda: Battle. Battle maid. F

570 Hylda German Variant of Hildegard: Battle. Glorious, warfare. In Scandinavian mythology Hildegard was a Valkyrie sent by Odin to escort battle heroes to Valhalla. F
571 Hyndla Norse A giant. F
572 Hypate Greek Exceptional. F
573 Hypatia Greek Highest. Exceptional. F
574 Hypermnestra Greek Refused to kill her husband on their wedding night. F
575 Hypsipyle Greek Daughter of Thoas. F
576 Hyria Latin Daughter of Amphinomus. F
577 Hyrrokkin Norse An ogre. F